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These are comic projects that I wrote and made art for, either solo or with a team! 

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Dark Fantasy Action Drama (On Going)

For Mature Readers

"Twelve years ago, Aeon discovered he was adopted on the night his life toppled down into a spiral of chaos. A tragedy struck and Aeon found himself abandoned by his mentor Malcom. Alone and hungry, Aeon became a low-life thief, living out his days for a quick buck. Tired of feeling like he was missing a part of his identity, Aeon decided to find the answers he'd always needed from Malcom, but first he would have to find him. As Aeon searches for the truth of who he is, he encounters more trouble then was hoping for, but can Aeon find a way out of the mess he's unwillingly stepped into, or is it just fate that decides his future?"

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Supernatural LGBTQ+ Thriller (On Going)

For Mature Readers

"Ezekiel Martinez just moved out of his parents house for the first time, due to an unfavorable outcome. With his sisters help, Ezekiel makes a home for himself in Sinary City; the home of his long time best friend, Campbell. The two finally meet up, after seven long years, and go out on the town. They come across a popular nightclub, Deamoana, where the two party the night away. But nothing is normal about this nightclub, strange bouncers and unusual hallways seem to be this places forte. What is even going on in this nightclub?"

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Heart Warming Short Story (Completed)

For Teens

"A black and white short story about two friends, Ikson and Aelius, who find the courage to fly despite the law against their people to use their wings. Together they reach for the sky they both long for while trying to hide from the eyes of Argus."

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Dark Fantasy Adventure (Discontinued)

For Teens

"War between humans and creatures of darkness known as the Efahs; has engulfed the world of Adrast for centuries in a sleepless battle. Jacob, renown as a talented hunter; is thrown into the strife after crossing paths with a young inhuman boy consumed with darkness. While Jacob lives with the consequences for his actions- the hopeful teenager Alice begins to pursue her dreams of becoming a huntress, when a mysterious stranger intercepts her journey- forcing them to reluctantly travel into the shadows together. Secrets and grudges eventually come to surface as they uncover the truth, leaving not only their lives but the rest of the world in danger. With time running out, just how will they save the world before they lose everything in vain?"